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Fiber Pins and Threaded Product

Fiber Pins & Threaded Products

  • Complete line of products for ceramic fiber linings, including blankets, boards and modules
  • Featuring the Hanlock-Causeway Super Lock pin (SL-Line) that guarantees the washer stays in place during service in overhead or severe vibration applications
  • Threaded studs for two component refractory linings and ceramic fiber module systems also available
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Castable Wire Anchor Product

Castable Wire Anchor Products

  • Industry-leading standard single and dual layer castable lining systems
  • Ranging from basic “Vee” and “Footed Wavy Vee” anchors to specialty products and engineered severe service dual component anchorage systems
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Wear Resistant Product

Wear Resistant Products

  • Produced using advanced manufacturing processes for superior value and quality
  • Includes the Hanlock-Causeway Hexmesh, Flexmesh, Tabs, Hex Cells, S-Anchor, HL 126, and Stud Gun Weldable Half Hex Cell anchors
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Miscellaneous Product

Miscellaneous Products

  • Includes a wide range of specialty products
  • C-Clips, Spring Loaded C-Clips, Brick Ledges, Picket and more
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Cast Metal Anchorage Product

Cast Metal Anchorage Products

  • A range of cast anchor products available for robust systems or use in older designed furnaces.
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Ceramic Anchorage Product

Ceramic Anchorage Products

  • A complete line of products to support ceramic anchor products, including the ceramic anchors!
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Stud Welding Product

Stud Welding Products

  • A full and growing line of stud weldable products for use with standard or computer controlled stud welding equipment.
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