About Our Company

Oil Refinery

We deliver quality at every turn. And bend.

As one of the first anchor manufacturer to earn ISO 9001 certification, we take product quality seriously. All of our team members are empowered to play an active role in maintaining our high standards, including innovating and modernizing our processes, so we always exceed your expectations.

The Hanlock-Causeway Advantage

Our experienced team is easy to reach and quick to respond to your needs.
Fast Quotes
We’ve honed our processes to get you quotations fast.
On-Time Delivery
Our on-time delivery rate is over 90% and rising.
Fast Production Time
Our production processes ensure quick turnaround times and short lead times.
We deliver on our promises. You can count on it.
Expert Order Management
Our dedicated project managers are pros at handling large domestic and international orders, including testing, inspection and quality control.

Our success is anchored in continuous improvement.

Using advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP), we’re able to get ahead of issues, remove roadblocks, and continually improve our processes across the company. This planning makes our products and services that much better for you.

We strive to be invaluable.

Winning your business is easier than keeping it. That’s why we focus on continually providing you with value through high quality products delivered on time, industry-leading innovation, and customer service that makes your job easier, not harder.

Our products are used in a variety of industries.

Energy & Incineration
Iron & Steel
Refineries & Chemical
Cement & Lime
Paper & Pulp