Stainless Steel - Grade 330

Chemical Formula

Fe, <0.08% C, 17-20% Cr, <1% Cu, <2% Mn, 34-37% Ni, <0.03% P, <0.005% Pb, 0.75-1.5% Si, <0.03% S, <0.025% Sn


330 is an austenitic, nickel-chromium-iron-silicon alloy. It combines excellent resistance to carburization and oxidation at temperatures up to 2200° F(1200 C) with high strength.

Extensively used in high temperature environments where resistance to the combine effects of thermal cycling and carburization is necessary. Used in a variety of furnace components as well as in gas turbines, heat exchangers, general heat treating equipment and neutral and cyanide salt pots.

With proper practices this alloy can be satisfactorily machined. Slow speeds, positive feeds, sulphurized lubricants and rigid mounts are generally recommended.


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