Fiber & Threaded Products

Hanlock-Causeway Company manufactures a complete line of products designed for ceramic fiber linings such as Blankets, Boards, and Modules. Our Proprietary Super Lock pin (SL – Line) is designed to guarantee the washer does not come off during service in overhead or severe vibration applications. Hanlock also produces threaded studs for two component refractory linings and ceramic fiber module systems.

Wire Anchor Products

Hanlock-Causeway Company is a leader in standard single and multiple layer castable lining systems. From basic “VEE” and “FOOTED WAVY VEE” anchors to specialty products like stud gun weldable anchors and engineered severe service dual component anchorage systems.

Wear Resistant Products

Hanlock-Causeway Company is the world’s premier manufacturer of Wear Resistant Products. Through advanced manufacturing processes our Hexmesh, Flexmesh, Tabs, Hex Cells, S-Anchor, HL 126, and Stud Gun Weldable Half Hex Cell Anchors offer superior value to our customers.

Miscellaneous Products

Hanlock-Causeway Company makes a wide range of specialty products for the refractory industry such as C-Clips, Spring Loaded C-Clips, Brick Ledges, and Picket.

Refractory Products

In partnership with our sister company Bryant Refractory, Hanlock-Causeway can supply all forms of refractory products and service from leading global suppliers.

Refractory Anchor Products

Hanlock-Causeway Company stocks and distributes various sizes of Resco Products 85% Alumina Phos-Bonded Anchor Brick for the convenience to one stop shop your Anchor Brick and Metallic C-Clip, Ice Tongs, or Cast Anchor hardware. View our sizing chart attached to find the brick and clip size for your desired lining thickness.

Cast Anchor Products

Hanlock now sells various forms of Cast Metal Anchors to complement our full range of traditional anchor products. This enables Hanlock-Causeway to offer one of the most complete ranges of refractory anchorage products you will find anywhere in the world.


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    Hanlock-Causeway Company maintains a comprehensive line of refractory anchor products and services, including products for nearly all modern refractory applications. In the event Hanlock-Causeway Company does not make the product you need, we can outsource to one of our many partners or affiliates.

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