What sets Hanlock-Causeway Company apart from the competition is our commitment to our customers. We don’t believe in telling our customers what they need, we listen to what they want and strive to provide the services they need:

  • Accessibility – Hanlock-Causeway personnel are the easiest to contact and quickest to reply.
  • Fast Quotation Turnaround – Hanlock-Causeway has the fastest quotation turnaround time in the industry.
  • On-Time Delivery – Hanlock-Causeway has achieved an On-Time Delivery rate of over 90%.
  • Fast Production Turnaround – Hanlock-Causeway strives to have the best lead times in the industry and has specific production processes in place to ensure quick turnarounds.
  • Reliability – Hanlock-Causeway Company production personnel provide what they promise.
  • Order Management – Hanlock-Causeway is the only anchor manufacturer with dedicated project managers to handle large domestic or international “project orders” that include testing, inspection, and quality control requirements. We are knowledgeable in industry standards and end user specifications.


Quality is our measure of success. We stress quality workmanship, material traceability, and inspection through a documented ISO 9001-2008 compliant quality management system. While quality is paramount, our philosophy of Continuous Improvement ensures Hanlock-Causeway will remain the leader in customer service and delivering our customers the products and service they want and deserve.


Even though it is not cheap providing superior quality and service, Hanlock-Causeway continues to offer competitive prices through innovative production processes and material purchasing methods. At Hanlock-Causeway Company, we maintain our competitive position within the industry without having to sacrifice quality or service.


Hanlock-Causeway has a full complement of Sales, Customer Service, Production Management, Quality, Process Improvement, and Project Management staff to handle every order type – from small rush orders to large “project orders”.


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